CPhI Worldwide Paris

We just came back from the largest pharmaceutical suppliers fair, that took place in Paris on October 7-9th


 Like every year, we had the opportunity to introduce our company at CPhI Worldwide, held in Paris.


In this edition we presented our recently launched brand for functional products and premixes, KEMTIA. Thi is a new division focused both the food & beverages sector as well as OTC. It was a great opportunity to present our potential as formulators and producers of functional mixes both to our current and potential international customers.

Saccharin and cyclamate, products with which our company has a great and recognition in the food and pharmaceuticals markets also had great protagosim at our stand.

This CPhI Worldwide edition was certainly of great interest to us. We were able to strengthen ties with many of our customers and distributors as well as lay the foundation for new businesses and partnerships in the pharmaceutical and OTC industries.


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Scientifics discover why so good cyclamate-saccharin sinergy exists

vía: German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke

80 years since cyclamate was first synthesized


Sweeteners - Benefits in weight management

vía: International Sweeteners Association (ISA)

Public Health England about sweeteners safety & usefulness

vía: Public Health England (PHE)

A sweet alternative in weight management and diabetes

vía: International Sweeteners Association (ISA)

Evidence shows low energy sweeteners help reduce energy intake and body weight

vía: University of Bristol

Saccarin could lead to new treatments for aggressive cancers

vía: American Chemical Society

Food Supplements Europe launches a specific guide for the manufacturing of botanical preparations, including extracts as food supplements

vía: Food Supplements Europe


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